About SPGA

This is SPGA

Arctic CircleSPGA, the Swedish Proving Ground Association, gather companies within the automotive winter testing sector in Swedish Lapland. For you, the client, SPGA provides a single point of access to local service providers and an arena for collaboration in business and development. Swedish Lapland via Arvidsjaur Airport has frequent flight connections with Stockholm, Hannover, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich.

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Research and development in CASTT

Our service providers collaborate closely with CASTT (Centre for Automotive Systems Technologies and Testing), at Luleå University of Technology. CASTT brings together service providers, researchers, engineers and financiers to draw the global roadmap for automotive winter testing. The testing companies and, often, their customers, participate in each project.

Activities involve research, development, graduate and undergraduate studies, student projects, industry seminars, workshops, continuing education, etc.


We have solid experience of winter testing dating from the early 1970s, when the first winter lake tracks were plowed. Since then, we have grown and developed to become a world leader in automotive winter testing. A growing number of longer, more complex test tracks and winter roads are augmented with a range of services including analyses and product development. Our test-service providers can take greater responsibility for the verification of systems towards certification and quality assurance.