The Swedish Proving Ground Association was founded in 2002 to assemble the entrepreneurs within the automotive sector. The winter test activities in the automotive sector originates from the early 1970s. But the history within testing in this sparsely populated area is actually older with origination in fields like aeronautics, aerospace, power production and minerals R&D. From 1980 to 2000 the testing business was growing both in number of entrepreneurs and in terms of business size By the millennium shift testing in the automotive sector was considered as the largest field for test business in the region. The growth in the sector stil continues but from 2010 automotive testing enters a new phase with the pioneers taking their well-deserved retirement. Now the growth is consolidated in to larger companies capable of meeting new challenges. Testing is still considered as a small business area compared to forestry and mining. But now, entering the next decade, the contribution from the testing business in this region, to the national net export figures, is approx 5% of the Swedish trade net from services.