Welcome to the no1 winter test region!

Norrbotten and Swedish Lapland is well known for state-of-the-art winter testing. Here you can find stable, natural conditions with cold temperatures and lots of snow for several months and here you can find your partner in test, demonstration and validation of new products and concepts.

Each year, manufacturers of vehicles, systems, components/tyres from all over the world, enjoys and benefits from more than 25 excellent test facilities in the region. Annually the number of tested cars is thousands and the number of overnights during the winter season is way above 100 000.

With a continuous development of expertise in automotive testing and new consultancy services the winter test region expands both in number of test sites and in impact on the regional business life. Test, demo and validation is needed more than ever and today the Winter test region defines the area from the artic conditions in the high mountains to a four season test perspective and all year test activities, including the coastal area with indoor test facilities and state of the art R&D in snow, ice, cold weather and sustainability. The later in close cooperation with institutes and local universities. In total your testing can benefit from more than 50 different labs and testsites in this region.