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Automotive winter testing

Swedish Lapland offers state-of-the-art winter testing. We are your partner in the development of new systems, concepts and in the certification process.

Each year, manufacturers of vehicles, components and tyres come from all over the world to Swedish Lapland to take advantage of the excellent facilities, expertise and technical consultancy services in winter testing. We offer stable, natural conditions with temperatures that remain below zero for several months. Guaranteed cold weather is an added  bonus, since it is an effective stress test, even for many components that are not normally subjected to cold-weather testing.

The demand for testing will continue to increase due to shorter lead times, more complex systems and stronger environmental concerns.  The answer is Arctic Arc – a strategic investment for year-round testing with around 55 000 square meters of proving ground featuring a wide range of testing. This will be a major European research infrastructure for collaboration and knowledge building.

  • Testing environment

    • Snow and ice surfaces
    • Adaptive test tracks
    • Cold chambers and artificial snow
    • Test services
    • 24hr service
    • Cold weather guarantee
  • Proving Grounds

    • Circular tracks
    • Comfort tracks
    • Dynamic surfaces
    • Handling tracks
    • Hill tracks
    • NVH tracks
    • Polished ice tracks
    • u-Split tracks
  • Test Scope

    • Passenger comfort
    • Performance
    • Handling
    • Whirling snow
    • Active safety features
    • Tyres
    • Driveline
    • And more...
  • Team & Infrastructure

    • 2000-3000 engineers during test season
    • 4000 test vehicles per season
    • Expertise and technical consultancy
    • 100 000 paid overnights
    • 3000 season employees
    • Direct flights from several European cities